Make Your Friends Look Funny

Oct 25, 2010

The number of apps popping up that allow you to alter photos of your friends (or your exes) seems to be ever growing. Here are a few I’ve seen. Feel free to add any you’ve seen in comments.


you guessed it – add a whole variety of mustaches to your photos



if you have any friends who are crazy about dieting this will send them over the edge. Grab a photo (via camera or Facebook) and voila the app will make that person chubbified (so not PC to say. I know). I’ve gotten a few screams out of my females friends with this one.



Ever wondered what your ex looked like an neanderthal? How about that coworker you don’t like? Here’s your chance to find out.



If transforming your frenemies isn’t enough retribution you might like FaceFighter. In this interactive game as you “fight” your opponent (an image uploaded by you) their face becomes mangled, think knocked out teeth, bleeding nose.



from the same people who bring us FatBooth AgingBooth allows you to make your friends and family look older.


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