Make Your Friends Look Funny – Part 2

Oct 26, 2010

The number of apps popping up that allow you to alter photos of your friends (or your exes) seems to be ever growing. Here are a few I’ve seen. Feel free to add any you’ve seen in comments.

friend doodle

Grab a pic (from photo library or camera) of your buddy, and doodle over it! Brings you back to old school days of adding Sharpie horns to those photos. (not that anyone would do that)


FWARP! – Face Warp

much like the photoshop warp feature just select an area of the image to exagerate that area of the face. Want to make someone’s nose wonky or how about a Jay Leno chin this app is for you.


Goosebumps PhotoShock

“PhotoShock” pictures of friends with over 100 horrifying and creepy icons, objects and frames. Add googly eyes, spiders or slime to photos.



Wondering what your BFF will look like rockin’ the Bon Jovi this is your app. Take a photo (from your camera or library) and try on hair styles. Save the photos to your phone or share them via social sites or email.


WeeMee Avatar Creator

If you don’t have photos of your friends but want to turn your friends into cartoon avatars WeeMee allows you to select facial features, clothing and accessories to generator your own personal avatars. There are additional paid features like Halloween backgrounds available on an ongoing basis.


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