Mainly Maine Apps!

Aug 26, 2011

Live in Maine? Heading to Maine? Plan on eating Maine Lobster anytime soon? Get these apps!

Maine Coast Revealed

if you plan on road tripping up the coast of Maine, this app is a must-have. This lists all the cool attractions along the coast and gives a little well written blurb about each.


Maine Lobster

This app is for anyone bearing any interest in Maine lobsters, whether it be in eating them, learning trivia about them or finding out where to score some delicious lobster grub.


Audubon Nature New England – The Ultimate New England Nature Guide

If you’re in Maine and plan on spending time in nature (why wouldn’t you?) download this app to learn about all the living creatures and foliage around you. This guide also includes information about shells and insects. Taking the time to read about things you discover will allow you to be able to enjoy Maine’s nature beyond its beauty.


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