lydia2 picks favorite apps Nov. 2010

Oct 25, 2010

These are my favorite apps for Nov. 2010. You never know what you might find and more importantly, you’ll never know what you might find that you love! Unless, you find it. Duh.

Jewish Music

I highly recommend “Mi Bon Seeach” by Bsamim. This is the greatest radio station of all time and occasionally the Rabbi will drop some knowledge on you. The music is an eclectic mix of old school opera, love songs, and much more. You won’t find any of this on the Billboard charts.



While I’m not anywhere close to being retired, (let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later) this app has a ton of interesting information. Some articles I found included: Ten Things to Know about Wills, How Sex Changes for Men After 50, 8 Surprising Truths about Pet Safety, and Romancing on a Budget. AARP is an excellent news source for all ages!


White Noise Free: sounds for sleep and relaxation

White Noise is very relaxing. It’s also very useful in noisy environments because if you turn it on and you turn it up next to you, your mind will focus on the white noise and tune out the bothersome noise. Also, this app features several other relaxing soundscapes such as, the ocean, chimes, and an oscillating fan. You can also create mixes, use it like an alarm clock, and put it on a timer.


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