Lydia2 Must Have App Picks Dec. 2010

Nov 22, 2010

These are my favorite apps for the month of December. As you know, they usually contain a wide range of subjects! Enjoy!

Judge Me! (how good are you?)

I looooooooove this app because it really tests social perceptions and proves that we are all individuals. It shows you a photo of a person and asks questions such as, “Do you think they are straight or gay? Are they single or in a relationship? How much money do they make?” Then, it gives you the answers and you can see how accurate or wrong you were. This app is awesome!


Tiny Chef™

Learn how to run a restaurant playing Tiny Chef. Design the restaurant, design the menu, and earn points, popularity ratings, and the big bucks! Warning, this app is highly addictive and very time consuming! Not to mention, the music makes it very easy to buy accessories from the app store!


Margaret Cho

If you love Margaret Cho, this app is a must have! Direct access to all of her Youtube videos, free music, tour dates, news, and photos. She’s hilarious!


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