Lydia2 Favorite Apps April 2010

May 3, 2010

There are so many apps I love that don’t really have a common link between them. Still, I wanted to put them in a list. While they are miscellaneous to each other, they are “favorites” to me and belong together. Also, I recognize that something I loooooooove this month, might not be as interesting next month. I guess eventually, I’ll do a “roundup” time tested favorites. For now, here’s April 2010!

Pearl Jam Lyrics Studio

You know how Edie Vedder mumbles and twitches sometimes? Well, I think it’s really sexy and passionate except for when I want to know the lyrics to a song. For the most part, I just sing what I hear, but I still wonder about it. It’s amazing how different what he’s singing can be from what I’m hearing. It makes me think of that old school Edie Murphy skit on Sat. Night Live. Wookie Panub in all the wrong places! Ha! Ahhhhhh communication!



I downloaded this app because it has my name in it. It works great and is super useful. Make sure you look at the extra fee to use this app. I would’ve rated it better if this service were 100% free. The cost is reasonable and it’s a HUGE timesaver. Eventually, I think calling straight to voicemail will become a standard feature that comes with the phone. Oh! And I should mention that the free version is ad supported.


Fart Button – Epic Rip Edition with Over 100 Epic Rips

Fart Button! Need I say more? For us kids who grew up, but are still ten at heart farting will be funny for forever, especially in public. This button is exactly the opposite of the SBD (silent but deadly)- it makes a really loud fart to your liking, but doesn’t smell. Very useful.


Brain Tutor 3D

I’m really impressed with this App. It’s a very good intro to the brain with a brief explanation and the ability to rotate the brain in 3D. I know many medical apps are more advanced with better bells and whistles, but sometimes simple and to the point is preferable. This is a good beginner app.

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Running Trainer Lite

Running Trainer Lite is simple, easy, and to the point. It tracks your distance, speed, and time based on GPS. You can choose miles or kilometers, but don’t switch in the middle because it will reset. There is also an option to turn the computerized voice that tracks your progress off or on. It logs your history and has a “trainer” that’s worth experimenting with. This is a very good basic app that does what it promises.


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