Lucy Gray’s Education Favorites – January 2011

Jan 23, 2011

Short list of some education apps that have caught my eye or engaged my children, ages 8 and 12!


Great creation app! Kids are led through the elements of a good story and can use pre-created backgrounds and characters. Also, kids can narrate and animate these characters. Finally, toons created can be posted to a safe YouTube-like space after receiving parental approval.


Animalia for iPad

Great example of what can be done with a book on the iPad. Contains challenging seek and find game. Also, recommend buying the print books by this author. Truly beautiful work.



Videos of science experiments that parents and kids might want to do together. These videos could inspire some science fair projects!


iWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

Creative fun app for helping younger kids learn how to write their letters.



McGraw-Hill has published its first app called Tric-Trac intended to complement its Everyday Math curriculum.


Train Conductor

Not sure what the attraction is, but my kids and husband love this game.


Symmetry Shuffle

Fantastic tool for teaching symmetry. Kids have to manipulate objects to complete a puzzle. From the same developer of Sum Stack.


Sums Stacker

This apps helps kids develop fluency with solving math problems. Very well designed.


Learn Spanish by MindSnacks

My daughter is taking Spanish this year, so I bought this for her and she loves it. It keeps track of her progress.


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