Location Apps for Dummies from @schneidermike Part1

Mar 18, 2011

I’m returning from SXSW where I got to chat with and hang out with the best and the brightest in the social media/tech space. My friend, Mike Schneider is the go-to-guy on Location Based Services (LBS) he’s actually co-writing a book: Location Based Marketing for Dummies. So naturally I wanted to know what LBS apps he recommends.


Discover your next favorite place…on WHERE!
– Get personalized recommendations for places you’ll love
– Find ‘Perfect Places’ for you and a friend to go together



SCVNGR is a game about going places, doing challenges and earning points.
You’ll discover cool new places to go, find fun new things to do and share your activity with your friends.


shopkick – Rewards & Free Gift Cards for Shopping plus Deals & Discounts

Earn “kickbucks” for walking or checking into stores, or scanning barcodes. Shopkick is the #1 SHOPPING APP in “Top 10 Apps” by WSJ.


Bizzy for iPhone

Find the best places to eat, shop, and play with personalized local recommendations from Bizzy. Check Out at all the places you visit, answer questions, and mark your favorites to make your recommendations even stronger. Bizzy recommends not just the best places, but the best places for YOU.



locaii is a conversation starter – an engaging way to interact with people and places when you’re out on the town. Start a conversation wherever you are by sharing polls or pics with those who are there and those who wish they were.


Glympse – Share GPS location with friends and family

Glympse is the simple and private way to share your location. Want to let someone know where you are? Just send a Glympse! Glympse sends a link with your ongoing location to anyone via Email, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter. Best of all, the recipient doesn’t need any special software to be able to see your location.

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