Live Life Better With these Apps

Sep 10, 2011

Get sidetracked a lot? Want to be reminded to live life to the fullest? Have trouble making decisions? These apps will remind you of the big picture and keep you on the path to the life you want to live.

My Wonderful Goals * To-do note for my daily life

This app gives you well laid out categories for you to list all the goals you want to accomplish on a given day. If you don’t get to do it that day, this app doesn’t force guilt on you and you can easily move your goals around. With categories such as health, learn, money, relationship, and work, it’s easy to see the bigger picture at hand and not lose sight of your bigger aims.



This app is perfect for dealing with any decision worth mulling over. You list all the pros and cons and give each a level of importance. When you’ve exhausted all thoughts you press result and the app tells you where your pros and cons lay. Then you can decide whether to go with your gut feeling or not. Well designed and easy to use.



This unique app profiles you by asking questions and then computes activities it thinks you will enjoy. It’s all about exploring and discovering new things and in the end living a fuller life. A cool app anybody can get behind!


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