Little Thumbs

Jan 16, 2011

We’re a mobile app studio that specializes in entertainment apps and games. And as the developers of 6DOH and children’s app My Underwear, our kids think we’re rock stars. With 5 kids (ages 2-8) between us, we know what we’re talking about (most of the time). Although a bit demented, we mean well.

Angry Birds

Cute, fun, silly and lots of amazing educational elements (decision making, physics, problem solving). This pick-up-and-play game simply never gets old!



Classic kids shopping destination brought to life in digital form. Love the artwork, colors and playability. #2ThumbsUp!


Clumsy Bob

If Doodle Jump and Angry Birds met, fell in love, got married and had a child, it would be a clumsy elephant. Our new favorite casual gamer that entertains on all fronts. Great app!


Cut the Rope Original™

Where do we start? Cute, ravenous monster, tasty candy, ropes, balloons, physics and tons of levels and achievements. Awesome game!


Doodle Jump

The casual gamer that started it all. Kids can simply pick it up and immediately start playing almost as well as adults. Superb!


Fruit Ninja

Another phenomenal game that teaches eye-hand coordination, motor skills and pattern recognition. Super cool and super messy!


Rat On The Run

A rat, a scooter, some serious air and tons of fun! It’s a classic that never gets old.


Super Turbo Action Pig

Our kids loved it when it came out and they still beg to play. The artwork and casual elements make it a great way to gets kids involved. Butcher Bill is a super villain. Porktastic!


My Underwear

What kid doesn’t like talking about underwear? Combine a heavy dose of renowned children’s author/illustrator Todd Parr with the antics of two mildly demented opposable digits and it’s a recipe for hilarity… Play with My Underwear TODAY!!!


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