Lite Boxing Apps

Jul 4, 2010

The apps in this list remind me of the days of Nintendo boxing games. They are not graphically brilliant, but they hold a soft spot in my heart.

Smack Boxing Lite

This is another fun and simple boxing game where you can practice your punches or play against an opponent. It reminds me of the original Mike Tyson boxing game for Nintendo. It’s very similar to pocket boxer, except that the controls are slightly different.


Pocket Boxing Lite

This app is a good intro to the different types of punches in boxing. You can also choose to play against an opponent and it will give you tips on how to win. On the downside, it’s a bit cartoon like and I’m not sure how accurate the computer is during the matches.



Pow, Bang, Biff, Bam! This is a neat sound effects app. Just hold your iphone and throw a punch for the classic punching effect. Very Batman! Nothing fancy. Very fun.


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