Like Totally 80’s

Oct 23, 2010

Thundercats, Twisted Sister, too much hairspray, what could be better? Revive the glory of the 80’s with these apps!


Who can forget the Aston Martin Bulldog or the Porsche 959? Ahhhh the gaudy 80’s would not be complete without these overdone flashy cars. I remember the car posters my boyfriends had on their walls. Along with Twisted Sister and White Snake, we air-guitared and pretended to drive off into the sunset with our hair blowing in the wind. I feel today for the poor mothers who worried their houses would be burned down by hairspray, a rogue match, and too many fans on at the same time.


Awesome 80’s

If you love the eighties as much as I do, then this app is a must have. It is the ultimate, do you remember experience. Ahhhhh the good old days . . . . So many laughs, so much fun! I miss Thundercats!


Absolute 80s

80’s music all day and all night right on your iphone. This app is a must have if you love 80’s music! Who doesn’t love Faith by George Michael? Also, it says you can run this app in the background using Safari, but I haven’t got that to work for me yet!


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