Lifelike Alarm Clock and Weather HD is the last alarm clock app you’ll need

Oct 19, 2010

There are plenty of alarm clock apps available for the iPad, but this one is absolutely the new champion. Lifelike Alarm Clock and Weather HD ($3.99) might seem a little pricey, but for all the features it has, it’s worth every penny.

The major purpose of the app is to provide an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional, alarm clock for your bedside table. It also happens to display the current and predicted weather. You also have the option to play built-in sounds or your iPod music to lull you to sleep. The screen constantly displays an analog clock, the date, the current playing sound or music track, the temperature and an animated background image of what the weather looks like outside. It really is beautiful to look at.

There are five different clock faces to choose from to customize the look of the app. However, that’s really all the customization you’ll be doing. The background always shows the current weather. It would be nice to have some additional customization options, such as color and font choices.

The clock allows you to set an unlimited number of alarms, with repeating schedules. This is a major plus, as most other apps don’t offer repeating alarms. There are 12 built-in sounds to choose from, or you can select music from your library. You also can set the volume of the alarm to be different than the iPad’s volume level. There’s also a sleep timer, so you can listen to music, an audio book or podcast, and have it stop after a set number of minutes.

The alarm clock would have been enough, but they also threw in a beautiful weather information center. The temperature is always displayed, but tap on the screen, and a five-day forecast pops up. It displays images for the type of weather (sunny, rainy, etc.) and the high and low temperatures. More-detailed information is also available for the current day and the next day.

My only issue with this application is the quality of the ambient sounds that are offered, such as waterfall, wind chimes and white noise. The sounds are not looped well, so you hear it cut out and quickly start up again. This type of thing seriously irritates me when I’m trying to sleep. I start concentrating on the sound, such as a waterfall, and can tell exactly where the loop starts and stops. This app doesn’t even come close to hiding the loop well. It completely stops, becomes silent, and then starts again. Other than this minor flaw, the app is absolutely top-notch and is worth the purchase price.

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