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Aug 4, 2010

Got my new iPad on 8/2, so there is a lot of comings and goings from the App Store right now. Looking forward to seeing what settles in on the screen in a month or two.

Civilization Revolution for iPad

A good version of a fun game, easy to play, and addicting as ever.


Atomic Web Browser – Full Screen Tabbed Browser w/ Download Manager & Dropbox

Tabs Tabs Tabs!


Marvel Comics

The geek comes out. A smooth setup, and an easy way to spend a lot of money.



Love the game, and can’t wait for the official iPad update. Get the iPhone version now for $5, and they will upgrade you free to the what will be $10 iPad version.


IGN: Video Game News, Reviews, Guides

More geekdom, but one has to stay on top of gaming news.


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