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Oct 22, 2017

The realm of gaming has gained a negative connotation for distracting children and adults alike from important things such as work and school. This is especially evident in mobile apps which can be taken anywhere and hence brings a new dimension of distractions wherever the users are. To reduce this notion, many games are designed to be educational and help the players learn in the process as opposed to just being repetitive and mind-numbing. With so many games available that meets this need, this article discusses the best ones that are highly engaging and appropriate for all demographics.

Scrabble (iOS/Android)

One of the best games that are based on the premise of learning is Scrabble which has players spelling a variety of words from their given letters which are randomized. From the classic board game which is one of the most popular in the world, players are able to learn new words every time they play. As Scrabble has players trying to form words which are longer and more complex to gain more points, a significant amount knowledge can be gained in terms of the words themselves as well as the definitions. After a prolonged period of playing, players can expect to be better versed in utilizing new words in a way that is not reflective of learning in a traditional way. Instead, the knowledge is built over a period of time in a highly engaging way, making it one of the best games that have an educational component.

Left Brain Right Brain – Brain Training Games (iOS/Android)

As many people are not mentally stimulated to the full capacity after they have finished school, it is extremely important to continue to improve critical thinking and reaction skills that enhance brain function. An app that aims to help users achieve this is Left Brain Right Brain which uses a series of brain stimulating exercises to improve thinking speed and mental capacity through a series of highly entertaining games. For example, users can play a series of games that include mixing words and colors for quick association, shapes and numbers, as well as games that involve symbol matching. Through offering many levels that are captivating yet prompt users to learn, the game does not feel as though players are doing mundane homework problems, but instead is extremely fun and often regarded as more of an entertaining pastime as opposed to a mechanism to improve brain function. For these reasons, Left Brain Right Brain is one of the most highly recommended games to become smarter through prolonged usage.

Memory • Classic (iOS)

Having a good memory can serve to be a significant advantage in many aspects of life from business to personal. As a result, many games have been developed with the sole purpose of helping its users improve their memory in both the short and long term. One such game has been Memory which has players focused on a series of cards and then matching the corresponding matching image with each card. Requiring an immense amount of concentration, players must quickly match the cards which can be letters, numbers, or even images. In doing so, memory can improve after playing the game. Furthermore, users do not plateau in terms of their development as there are various levels of difficulty that progressively gets harder as the players advance. A great memory tool for all ages, Memory is a highly recommended app for increasing memory capacity, especially for students who need to memorize their notes.

The Wiki Game HD (iOS/Android)

Wikipedia is one of the largest sources of information available online. As a website that has hundreds of thousands of detailed pages regarding nearly every subject, it is often referred to as the online library. One app that has creatively gamified the process of browsing Wikipedia pages is The Wiki Game which has players reading a series of articles to get to a goal page. For example, if the starting word is “house” and the goal word is “silver”, users must start at the Wikipedia page for “house” and click on a hyperlink that they think will take them a step closer to the “silver” Wikipedia page. With this example, the player may click the “building materials” hyperlink or a related term. Although this sounds simple, the challenge and learning comes from players having to read the material on each page to find the relevant hyperlink. By reading the information, users are constantly learning about new topics and accumulate more knowledge. As one of the most interesting games to play which can contribute to greater intelligence, The Wiki Game is a highly recommended app to learn more.

Chess – Play & Learn (iOS/Android)

One of the oldest games to exist is Chess, a game of strategy and patience, has been the center of many studies regarding its effect on intelligence and learning. Although there has been debate, Chess is recognized as a game that helps to develop critical thinking and planning. Despite being a difficult game to grasp, the goal is to eliminate the opponents King piece before they eliminate your own. However the strategic and planning component of it is where players need to be highly critical and foresee the opponents move in advance. While playing Chess, users do not learn new material or concepts, but instead improve their ability to process information in a new way as well as enhance their reasoning abilities. As a result, Chess is a game that can provide a large amount of value for players of all ages, making it a great tool for long-term development.

Despite the nature of games being associated with wasting time, the ones listed in this article are able to help its players become smarter and more educated. From planning to new words, an entire section of the App Store is dedicated to learning games for all ages. For those who are looking to enjoy the entertainment of games while also learning and developing mentally during the process, these games should be explored instead of games that provide little to no educational value.

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