Learning History The Fun Way!

Jan 8, 2011

Who says learning historical events, important names and dates has to be cut and dry? Here are some apps supporting my hypothesis!

On this day…

This app tells you all the important events that happened on the day it is. You can find that Hawaii became an official US state on the day you were born and that you share a birthday with Count Basie! Good for learning trivia!


US President (American Presidents Life History)

The option for “shake n order” in this game makes you memorize the chronological order of US presidents based on their term dates. You’ll also learn what they looked like!


The Oregon Trail

This brings the wildly popular early nineties PC game to the iphone and does just as good of a job illustrating the hardships the early American pioneers had to endure in order to move westward! And though dysentery and malaria are rampant, you’ll have a grand old time fording the rivers and hunting for squirrels!


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