Learning a new language easy and fun with SLWG-Study!

Feb 27, 2017

Learning a new language can always be fun and exciting, especially for those who are interested in pursuing new prospects through such an undertaking. The right app and learning system can provide individuals with a much more organic way to learn their language, making it easy and fun to stay ahead of the curve.

If you are looking for a new app that can provide you with the degree of attention you need, you’ll love SLWG-Study!. This is a language word game that is designed to make learning a new language easy and fun, and there are numerous supplementary features available on the app that can provide you with loads of entertainment and versatility as you pursue your new hobby.

If you already spend hours on puzzles and block games, you’ll love this game because it combines the simplicity and addictiveness of such apps with a number of helpful features that can provide you with what you need to learn a language you have not spoken before. As you practice, you will advance through the gameplay features of the app while exploring brand new language-learning opportunities through the actual study options themselves. The app features an exciting and bustling world of more than 80 stages that you can journey through, all while enjoying the use of a tremendous arsenal of powerups, bonuses and even secret unlockable content.

Players interested in learning a new language will have several to choose from. Play in Spanish, French Japanese, simplified Chinese or English, and learn new words and phrases as you progress through the game and overcome challenges. The aim of the game is to educate as much as entertain, and you can unlock new, special powers as you progress through the Story Mode and put your language-learning skills to the test. You can also master different levels by checking out the Practice Mode. If you are interested in playing against a community, you can also check out Survival Mode and see how well you do here. With so many exciting levels to play, it come as no surprise that the app has already become a favorite for linguists everywhere.

The aim of the game is to educate as much as entertain, and you can unlock new, special powers as you progress through the Story Mode and put your language-learning skills to the test.

The game is presented through a charmingly old school art direction that features 16-bit pixel art. The game is designed to run smoothly and effortlessly, and it is optimized for the iPhone 6 in order to provide individuals with the most consistent results. The fun spelling puzzle features allow you to get involved in the game so quickly that you barely even notice that you are learning a whole new language. By learning just a few words at a time, you are able to cultivate your vocabulary quickly and easily, and the various modes allow individuals to stay motivated and entertained as they progress through the various levels.

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The game is meant to be easy to jump into as well, as it features a handy tutorial that helps you figure out how to get the falling letters to spell the right words in a different language. Once the word has been spelled correctly, the letters are highlighted and you clear the word from the board. Keep making new words as you reach the goals of each level, and be sure to aim towards scoring the most amount of points that you can!

The game was designed with an ideal learning format in mind. The creators want it to be as fun and educational as possible, and as the letters fall, players can direct them with the arrows in the direction that they want. They can spell new words and clear the screen. The creator of the game is a French animator who has worked in Japan who had fallen in love with the concept itself. Determined to create an app that can provide individuals with hours of fun while helping them become familiar with words in another language, the developer has created a simple and effective format that just about anybody can get into.

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