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Oct 21, 2010

These apps are excellent for beginners! Practice the quizzes and in no time at all; you will know the alphabet, basic phrases and have a working vocabulary. Enjoy!

Signing Time Lite ASL – Sign Language

This app includes flash-cards, a dictionary, quizzes, and videos! It’s very informative and easy to use. My favorite feature is the multiple quiz because I think it really helps me to memorize the signs. Highly Recommend!


Sign Smith ASL LITE

This is an excellent app for learning basic sign language phrases. I love you, thank you, bad, good, good morning, good night, etc. You also have the option of looping the video, so that you can copy the sign!

Sign Smith ASL LITE
Sign Smith ASL LITE
Developer: Vcom3D
Price: Free

My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary

I particularly think the videos in this app are helpful because the woman describes how to make the sign with your hands, so that you know you are doing it correctly! This is also an app that teaches phrases and is broken down by categories such as emotions, animals, daily routines, etc. Highly Recommend!

ASL-Phabet Free

This app is an excellent intro to constructing words with the sign language alphabet. Just type the word you want, and follow the visual representation of the letter on the screen (it’s a hand making the letter) It also includes the numbers 1-9 and the ability to scroll through the alphabet if you prefer to learn using that method.


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American Sign Language Alphabet Game LITE

This is an excellent intro to the sign language alphabet and this app uses a very intelligent method to teach the alphabet. It’s a memory card game where they show you all of the cards and turn them over. Then, you have to match the correct sign with the letter. However, this game is difficult to play even on the easiest level because it deducts points for every mismatch and non-match card turnover. So, I keep losing, even though I’m learning. I don’t like that it’s possible to eventually match up all of the pairs correctly, beat the clock, and still end up with negative points. For the super newbie that I am, I think the easiest level should just be about beating the clock. In the next level, they can deduct points for matches and non-matches. Still, I love this app! Highly recommend!


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