Learn Math: Apps for Learning or ReLearning Math!

Jan 8, 2011

Give me the quadratic formula and I will find x for you in no time. Ask me what 7×8 is and I’m stumped! It’s time for me to re learn simple math and I found these apps to be a great help!

Math Drills

You choose whether to drill yourself on multiplications or adding and subtractions or both. Perfect for aiding your child’s math education or brushing up if you’re a math challenged person as I!


AB Math – fun games for kids and the family : addition, subtraction, multiplication, times tables, numbers

Though this app seems to be targeted at kids to learn addition and subtractions, I was challenged by the hard level of the bubbles game where you have to act fast and figure out the equations to give the lowest to highest numbers. I imagine this would be great for making you think faster!


Motion Math

This app turns fractions into a game that will force you to visualize how much 3/8th really is. Strangely addictive, this game would be perfect for kids learning fractions!


Math Bingo

Another game that turns learning simple math into a fun activity. Choose the numbers by answering the equations given correctly and hope to get bingo!


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