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Mar 6, 2010

Indonesian (“Bahasa Indonesia”), the national language of Indonesia, is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used by about 200 million people in Indonesia, the 4th most populous nation in the world. Due to international trade, Indonesian has been influenced by many other languages, such as Sanskrit, Arabic, Portuguese, Sundanese, Javanese, Dutch, Hokkien, and English. Going to Bali or Java and need to be buy satay and nasi goreng and bargain in the local market? There’s an app for that.

iKamus English-Indonesia-English

“Kamus” means dictionary. I still have my first Indonesian dictionary, and its cover fell off due to excess use and that equatorial humidity. This app lets you find what English words mean in Indonesian and vice versa.


Lingopal Indonesian – talking phrasebook

Really cool audio phrasebook – has phrases such as “Where can I rent a car?” and “Where is a good bar?” Includes a whole section on flirting. If you’re not interested, you can learn how to say “I need to go back home and turn my kettle off.”


FREE Learn Indonesian Audio FlashCards

Quizzes on numbers and common expressions. A good, though limited, start. There’s a more extensive paid version.


KidsCards – English and Bahasa Indonesia edition

Start simply with these kids’ flashcards for categories such as animals (binatang), letters (huruf), numbers (angka), and transportation (tranportasi). Limited but a good start for a novice.


Radio Indonesia – Alarm Clock + Recording

Brings you stations across the archipelago from Padang to Jogya to Bali. Practice your Indonesian by listening to real Indonesians speaking and singing.


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