Learn how to play pool for free!

Sep 26, 2010

Try out these apps if you are a newbie or a pool connoisseur. Most of the lite versions mentioned in this list are phenomenal, unless otherwise stated.

Vegas Pool Sharks

This is a very simple pool game where you play against the computer. Just aim the cue and sink the most balls! I’m sure the paid version is a lot more detailed and exciting.


Killer Pool Lite

This is a very feature rich, detailed, and difficult game to play. You can fine-tune your shot, put a spin on the ball, change the view of the table, and much more. Also, this is an excellent app if you are trying to learn the rules of the different types of Pool because the explanations of the step by step rules are very straight-forward and clear. The computer is not an easy opponent. Highly Recommend!


Adrenaline Pool Lite

This is an online pool game where you can choose eight ball, nine ball, straight, and snooker. A multiplayer option is also available. I kept trying to play a game via their automatic match making, but the other players kept leaving the table? I can imagine if you “know” people involved in this app, it’s highly addictive. The full version features voice chat and the ability to truly be a part of the community. Wow. A must have if you’re a Pool addict.


Pool / Billiards Rules

If you’re going to become a master at the different games of pool, then you need to download this app. You will learn a ton of great tips and it will transform you into a real-life champion, an online expert, or a single player i-phone junky! This app is a must have for newbies to the game and avid connoisseurs.

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3D Pool Master

This is one of my favorite pool games for iphone. You can play one player, two player, or find an online opponent. You can choose between easy and hard settings for eight ball and nine ball. With this app you have the ability to zoom in on the ball and move the cue, which allows you to pick precisely where you want to strike it. You can also zoom out for a birds eye view or a medium shot view. Adjust how hard you want to strike by pressing and holding the button. The computer is a decent opponent. Highly Recommend!


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