Laundry Tending Apps

Jan 18, 2012

Need an app to remind you about a laundry load? Live in a building where you share laundry and don’t want to miss your chance at the dryer? These timer apps will help with that.

Laundry Kit

Need to track several loads at the laundry mat? This app will not only do that but it will also help you track a smart card balance if your laundry mat uses one.


Laundry Minder

Easy to set up this app will help you time the laundry or really anything else. It allows you to have multiple timers running at the same time and you don’t need to keep the app open to get the reminder.


UM Laundry

University of Michigan has it going on when it comes to laundry. Track machines from the palm of your hand. Worth checking out just for wow factor.


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