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Dec 5, 2016

Learning new words can be considered as one of the best methods available for enhancing vocabulary. Currently, people come across new words every day but do not attempt to figure out the meaning as there is no convenient way to do so with traditional methods. Using mobile apps however, several alternatives exist in this space which are geared towards helping people learn new words in a quick and easy manner.

One such app, Learn Words, offers one of the best ways for people to learn a new word that they may come across. What’s more is that the words that are searched for in the app can be in a foreign or domestic language so that learning a new language is made easier and fun.

Learning a new language can be an extremely daunting task. However, the benefits of being bilingual can be realized even more efficiently using the app given their collection of comprehensive language learning tools. With a user friendly import function, Learn Words allows its users to enter the word that they want to learn about extremely quickly. As opposed to having to type in the word for example, a built-in camera to take a picture of the new word is available to offer a convenient way to input the term. This method can be used on magazines, books, or any document which makes it an extremely versatile tool when compared to the traditional method of text entry. While the input method of typing is available, users can further speak the words right into the app or select the word from a pre-defined list.

Beyond just receiving the word and definition, Learn Words delivers other useful information to enhance the learning experience as well. For example, the app automatically relates images, translations, and other sentences so that learning a new word is made more intuitive. In providing the learning tools to help explore the word, understanding is highly optimized as opposed to simply reading a definition that may be confusing.

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The developers of Learn Words app have also taken the necessary measures in order to introduce a scientifically proven memorization technique into the app as well. These techniques are able to assist the users in not just understanding the new language, but also in applying it to their everyday vocabulary. For instance, the rehearsal mode that can be found allows the users to go through the word and its meaning until they memorize it. On the other hand, users are provided with the ability to define their own exercises. The exercises that are facilitated through the app can be divided into several categories such as listening exercises, speaking exercises, multiple choice exercises, writing exercises, and image recognition exercises, each of which are highly customizable. Through these, learning a new language is not just a task of memorization, but also includes self-paced exercises to be able to apply the new language in a fluent manner.

Given that many apps are available for definitions and learning new languages, Learn Words can be easily lost among the competition given the similarities in functions across other language and vocabulary enhancing tools. For example, other apps are able to provide relevant pictures or can have multiple input methods as opposed to just text. However, Learn Words combines all of these features into one app, making it extremely easy for users to have a wide range of tools at their disposal. Apps such as Duolingo provide learning tools for those who wish to be bilingual but fail to offer multiple text input methods or are lacking in the ability to customize exercises. With this, Learn Words is able to differentiate itself from the crowd.

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Offered in a convenient app, the process of learning a new language can be more like a pastime instead of a chore. While most people associate learning a new language with classrooms and workbooks, Learn Words combines the ease of a mobile app with the comprehensiveness of a tutor into a single package. In order to make the things more interesting, Learn Words has also introduced a set of games. These games can make the app more engaging and users more inclined to learn new words. The gamification process of learning new words in order to be fluent in multiple languages include the collection of badges which helps users keep track of different milestones that they have achieved from learning new words or engaging in the different games. With all of these functionalities, Learn Words is one of the most comprehensive apps available to help users learn new terms and languages in a convenient and interesting way. Instead of simply receiving the word and definition to read, the app offers a suite of tools which are aimed at improving the memory and application of the term so that there is a significant level of understanding.

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