Language Apps May 2010

Jun 1, 2010

Here are some good language apps for beginners, especially if you are not sure what language you want to learn yet!


Greek anyone? This app teaches the Greek alphabet using flash cards and a reference chart. You can also quiz yourself using speed flash. Lastly, you can Romanize words. (although I’m not quite sure what that means, but I assume it’s for pronunciation) Overall, this is a great app to learn the greek alphabet. Very helpful.


Learn Spanish 24/7 FREE Language Learning

Free Spanish tutor is awesome if you are learning basic Spanish phrases or trying to brush up on your level one Spanish. The quizzes and flash cards are very helpful. Good beginner app!


iPronunciation FREE – 60+ languages Translation for Google VS. Bing

This app is very similar to Babelfish. Type a word or a phrase and have it translated. Phonetic translation is available in the paid version. I’m not sure what Google VS Bing is about. In the trial version only the option for Google is available.


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