Landslide Camping Apps

Jun 14, 2011

Just this last weekend I went camping up on Icicle Road outside of Leavenworth Washington. After my first evening there was a landslide and I was trapped at the campground for a bit over a day unsure of when I’d get out. These are the apps I used and the apps you might want for your next camping trip, landslide or not.

What Knot To Do

I LOVE THIS APP! And I knew I would. I’ll never possibly remember all the knots I might need at any given time but when I realized I was gonna be at the campground for an undefined amount of time it became time to put up the hammock. I used this app twice in that process to tie knots that held perfectly even with weird plastic rope. Brilliant app and an essential for anyone who ever ties a knot. Everything in the app is available offline, essential for when you’re trapped with no connection whatsoever.



The campground I was in had no coverage. Not just data, no coverage at all. While I wasn’t terribly worried about it (the camp hosts had a satellite phone and were making calls for people) I had some time to kill and used this app to see if any of the surrounding hills might have coverage. There were a few logging roads and I figured if I could drive or hike up one to get a signal that might be a fun day trip should this adventure last longer than planned. Turns out there was no coverage near me to speak of but thanks to an app that works while offline I could figure that out before hiking to the top of a mountain only to find there was no coverage there either.


Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare

Another great game that works just fine offline. I play this at home too so honestly it’s not just a camping app, but when you’re in your tent or rig about to go to sleep this game is the way to end the evening and it makes me sleepy every time. Love games that work offline!

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Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™

I have to be honest, most of the time I prefer Campwhere for my campgrounds app but in this case I was looking specifically for a state park as they often have showers and this app allows for me to search more specifically for these places. I wasn’t able to get it to work offline so I had to wait until after we were freed to use this app but then I had to wait until then to take a shower too so go figure.


Camp Where

My favorite camping app. It doesn’t have every campground out there (the road atlas has a number that aren’t listed here) but it has the better campgrounds and the ones I’m most likely looking to stay at. I wish it had a bit more functionality (similar to oh, ranger) but the fact that it shows the forest service camp spots makes this app totally worth having. I used it a bit to see about a last night space to stay. Unfortunately it was a busy weekend and most places were either full (the ones I found through this app) or not worth staying at, especially for one night (the ones I found with my atlas).


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