L.A. Proved Too Much For the Man

Oct 15, 2010

LA is a huge sprawling city with so much to do and see and places to eat and learn about. Whether you’re a native, a transplant or a tourist, these apps will prevent you from encountering boredom in La La Land!

LA Weekly City App

Whenever I have visitors in town that I need to entertain the first thing I do is pick up a free copy of LA weekly and scope out what’s happening that week. From all the categories offered you’re bound to find several things that pique your interest in this crazy town. This app brings the free press to your phone — now you can save trees and your fingers from getting ink all over them!


Los Angeles Way

This app gives you everything you could possibly need to know about LA at your fingertips. The idea is far from a new concept, however this app combines several functions and does it better than it’s predecessors. From restaurants to pharmacies to street eats to wifi, this app holds a wealth of information for any Angelino or tourist to have at their fingers!


Free Los Angeles

Surprisingly enough Free LA is not free, but at 99 cents you’ll get an app that tells you of several free events happening around the city. Great for those who like to go out but must do so on the cheap! It doesn’t integrate all the functions the iPhone allows, but rather points you in the direction of a website or a phone number. A great overall resource.


Hollywood Bowl

You can always count on great concerts and shows happening at the Hollywood Bowl! This app gives you everything you need to make your Bowl-ing experience great. You can look up events, purchase tickets and see where exactly you’ll be sitting on a seating map.

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