Knock Knock! Who’s there?

Oct 31, 2010

Did you know in addition to Halloween, October 31st is National Knock Knock Day? Apparently it is. Fortunately a good knock knock joke is in season year round (ok I’m not really that cheesy… must be the knock knock jokes).

Knock Knock

over two hundred knock knock jokes


Funny 500 – Knock Knock Jokes

Funny 500 has a whole slew of joke, riddle, and other silly apps. The Knock Knock Jokes app allows you to addjokes as favorites, compose your own knock knock joke, and email any knock knock joke to your friends. You can also run a search on all existing knock knock jokes so that you can find specific knock knock jokes more easily.


Knock Knock Jokes 4 Kids

knock knock joking for the lazy. press a button and the app reads 1 of 36 jokes to you. What I’m not sure of is this is the 4th version of this app, each with 36 jokes… I’m not sure why each set needs to be it’s own app.


Knock Knock Jokes!

best feature of this app… shake for a new joke. (I think all apps should have a shaking feature)


Knock Knock Jokes

So first… this app has a door that you need to knock (clever or cheesy, I haven’t decided). Secondly, it claims to have “hundreds of carefully screened Knock Knock Jokes, selected and sorted by a jury of professional jokester”. Ever heard of a jury of jokesters?


iKnock Jokes

Knock Knock! – Who’s there? – Thermos. – Thermos who? – Thermos be a better knock knock joke than this! … you should have the idea by now


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