Aug 24, 2010

A lot of the time I don’t even think about getting an app for a specific need. I find and app and think, YES! that’s exactly what I need. This weekend, out in the boonies I knew I needed an app. Oddly the one I was looking for doesn’t exist. See, I need an app to decipher those odd knitting terms so I can recall what I’m supposed to do with my pattern. Having been away from any tricky knitting for a while all the little terms were hard to remember.

Anyway, these are the things I found to help with that. If you’re a knitter these apps are worth having, some more than others!

Vogue Knitting Knit Buddy

I really prefer not to pay for apps. Big surprise but even without seeing it I knew that this app was likely worth the money. Ages ago when I was looking for that perfect knitting book, the one that had all the hard info and less just craft projects I came across the Vogue knitting book and it was perfect. Every stich shown in detail, every bit of information right there at my fingers. This app is hardly an exception.

The app allows you to track your projects which I likely won’t do… I rarely have large numbers of things going on, but if you’re that type of knitter this will be a great tool for you.

It also allows you to track your needles (and hooks for you crocheters out there!). That should be helpful for anyone. The knitting bug hits me randomly and usually while travelling so knowing what I have at home helps keep me from buying duplicate needles. Unfortunately the app doesn’t psychically know what I have in my knitting box so I guess I’ll have to enter these on my own.

The app also lets you catalog your yard just in case you want that functionality.

But it’s the more catagory that really wins. Need to substitute yarn? There’s a calculator for that. Want to know what a term or abbreviation is (YES, yes I do!), it’s there. Need some how to help? No problem. It even has a stichionary for all those cable patterns and other cool stitches to make your work a bit more interesting. It even has colorwork help.

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Finally you can add your knitting books so you don’t duplicate there either. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough patterns to need this, but if you have a problem you’ll know that this could be useful to help.

Vogue has been the source for most of my knitting knowledge after my first book and now I have an app to go to as well for when hauling around the big book just won’t work.


JKnit Pro – Knitting Project Master

Most people don’t seem to use this to track a project… unless it’s something huge adding things into an iPhone app might just be too much work. But often people are using this app to help them design projects and for that I can see it being very helpful.

If yo’ve ever done any design work you know that tracking every little thing you do is terribly important. When you get to the end, regardless of whether or not you like it, you want to know what you did so you can duplicate or fix.

This app works great for just that purpose. If you’re not a designer you might not want to get this, but if you are, or you really want to track each step of a difficult project this app is likely made for you.


Ewe Stash – Knitting and Crochet Inventory

Nothing here you don’t get with Vogue, except a way cuter avatar. If all you want is a way to track your yarn and needles/hooks this app will do just fine. Being that it’s a few bucks cheaper than Vogue this may be the way to go for you if you’re needs are limited.

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