Kids: Dinosaur Apps for iPad

Oct 13, 2011

recently I spent a few days with my friends who have a toddler who is OBSESSED with Dinosaurs. He and I spent quite some time looking through the app store finding Dinosaur iPad apps that were fun, and not too hard, for a 2.5 year old boy. Here’s what we can up with. I might also like to add (I tested these apps out on a 3 year old girl and she was in no way interested in any of them.)


this is actually an iPhone app but works just fine on the iPad. The purpose of the app is to make dinosaur noises. You press the different dinosaur shapes to create your own soundtrack of dinosaur effects.


Pocket Dinosaurs 2 Basic

this game reminds me of Angry Birds but with dinosaurs and space shuttles. This game requires some skill from parents to help with getting the dino to land in the right place.


Baby Explorer: Dinosaurs

this was the most popular of all the apps, there are different scenes to pick from “Mystery Jungle” for example. You have a camera on your screen and whenever you see a dinosaur you click on it to take it’s picture, the app says what kind of dinosaur it is and tells you the history, location, diet, etc about that particular dino. It comes with several Free scenes, and we also ended up buying a few others, like the Volcanos of course.


Dinosaur Dig for Toddlers (HD)

this is a very friendly toddler game, you just scribble your finger on the screen to dig up dinosaur bones. He was able to play this one without adult help.


DINO WORLD – Jurassic Dinosaur Fighting Breeding games

this is similar to Farmville and the other apps where you build your own little world. With Dino Zoo you can buy other dinosaurs and earn coins to add to your zoo.

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Dinosaur Stickers Free

the name pretty much explains it. You have several dinosaurs to pick from and you just touch the screen to decide where to stick them. You can also type to add a message to your sticker board.


Dino Match for the iPad

remember the game Memory where you uncover 2 cards and remember where they are so you can find the matches. This is the same… but much cooler because you are revealing dinosaurs!


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