Kids are taken on a journey into a techie jungle with Animalia

Nov 15, 2016

Engagement of our little ones in education has been a challenge for majority of parents across the globe. One important being the approach that we have been following. During the early years of education, it is important to keep kids involved in an activity that they enjoy, with the integration of challenges that encourage learning.

Animalia engages kids through a fun story and encourages them to resolve challenges in order to perform activities of kindness. Through this fun interactive story, kids are taken on a journey into a techie jungle where they are introduced to the problems animals face today. The messages passed on through the story revolves around kindness, collaboration, negotiation skills, problem solving and this is all achieved without a glimpse of negativity. The tech aspect of the story introduces children to tools they often see around them and interact with. Kids learn just enough about these gadgets for their age.

The educational story nicely integrates mini-games linked with animals in the jungle as kids progress. These mini-games challenge the pre-math concepts and engage them with other fun activities that kids can relate with. In certain areas, kids also learn animal names and the different sounds they make. Simple visual tips through the app allow kids without the knowledge of the language to navigate through the entire story with very little or no guidance from parents. This not only contributes to the development of a child’s intuitive skills, but also builds their problem solving skills.

To sum it up, the EduGame packs learning of language, morals, pre-math concepts and much more and presents it to the audience in a way that encourages them to pursue education by will and learn through interactive experiences that remain with them for life. While doing this, the messages passed on through the story have been adapted to what matters in the world we live in today.

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