Kid Apps October 2010

Sep 24, 2010

Try these educational apps out with your kids!

Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files

Who knew that an iphone would be such a great medium for comic strips? If you love Wallace and Gromit, this app is a must have!


Compass Free

It’s true that this app works outside if you follow the directions. It’s based on the stick and shadow method of finding North. Also, it’s free! I can imagine it’s a neat app to demonstrate to children because it involves thinking and an activity. You can also teach them the stick and shadow method and then you could demonstrate the same method using your iphone. It’s worth the download. However, I was hoping for an automatic compass. I’m sure there is one based on GPS, but I don’t know if it’s free. This is an excellent app if you have kids, but not if you want an automatic compass.



A 3D experience of the night sky right on your iphone! What could be better? It also tells you when planets are visible to the earth. I really learned a lot from this app because it helped me to visualize where the earth is in relation to other planets. I always had an idea, but it’s different when you can see the planets and “interact” with the map. Excellent!


Cheese Party Lite

Help the mouse navigate the maze to the cheese by flipping the connectors. This is a very basic and fun game.


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