Kid Apps August 2010

Jul 29, 2010

Kids are sure to looooove these apps, and if not probably the adults will!

This app is a must have if you’re around kids as a teacher, parent, or sitter and you don’t know what to do with them. The activities are awesome and the instructions are so clear, kids who can read can do it by themselves. Good for all ages! My favorite was the three-dimensional paper picture! Actually, you don’t even need kids, some of these activities are so fun and simple, you might want to try them in secret!


Helium-Balloon Lite

This app is a ton of fun! Put your mouth near the iphone’s speaker and deflate the balloon. Then, say a few words into the microphone. Play it back and enjoy your voice on helium!



Isketch is simple and fun. Choose your color and brush and create with your figure on the iphone screen. The FAQ section is very handy and you can email your drawings. Too fun!



I think this app is an excellent way for newbie guitar players to begin understanding the guitar. It’s definitely worth the download and they add new songs for purchase.


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