Keepin’ it Casual

Sep 13, 2010

Got a minute or three? Why not care for exotic zoo animals, cultivate some crops, or fight a battle on the high seas? It’s probably more fun than that line you’re standing in, or those outdated waiting room magazines.

While casual games are a definite departure from the “hardcore” console and PC games I love, they’re a great way to kill some time and interact with pals.

Tap Zoo Classic

Adorable and exotic animals + the ability to design the zoo you’ve wanted to own since you were 5 = win. This game is great because it doesn’t penalize you for not checking in every few hours (but there’s plenty to do if you happen to open the app constantly).


We Rule

Sim City meets FarmVille meets A Kingdom for Keflings — a feudal-themed mini-civ game complete with tiny peasants who till the land and pay taxes. Wanna be king of the castle? This is your app.


Pirate Nation

Ahoy, mateys! Not only do you get to hunt for sunken treasure, you can battle it out with enemy ships in this nifty little app.


Sweet Lines

Five-in-a-row with donuts: I don’t mean to be punny, but that’s SWEET!


Finger Goalie

One of the more challenging and engaging gesture-based games I’ve seen! Soccer fans and casual gamers will love playing keeper in this app!


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