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Jul 11, 2016

As a father of to young kids, I was always looking into some tools to guide them towards good behaviours, without the need of punishment. Some parents use paper or small stone to track good deeds, some others are using a calendar to keep track of every nice attitude of the day… but as a geek, I was looking for something more “advanced” and found a nice and fun mobile application that achieves that goal.

Rewardz is targeted at geeky parents with children from 5 to 9 year old Each day, parents will make a balance of the day on Rewardz by noting child’s attitude of the day: brushing teeth, help mom, be polite and so on. When the child got a certain number of stars, it accesses awards of his/her choice.

Rewardz is also designed for children themselves to have an entertaining way of looking at their progress toward predefined rewards (“have a new bike”, “go to see a movie”, etc). The advantage of Rewardz is that it is free without ads, a feature I especially like as I really don’t like when kids are clicking on unwanted ads. Also, the app is usable by kids as well as opposed to other rewarding apps like Rewards Express or GoalTracker.

In Rewardz you use a nice timeline view to keep your child motivated. You switch from one kid to another by simply swiping the screen, add stars with a single tap, all actions are very intuitive. That said, it’s a version 1.0, so one of the current weakness of Rewardz is that you cannot sync profiles across devices, a feature which should be added.

Rewards are fully customizable, the user determines the number of stars that brings each action, rewards and goals can be selected. Each child’s progress is nicely visualized. You can add as many children as desired and the switching from one child to another is very easy.

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The app was developed by a young father, who did that application for his kids first and promised that Rewardz will remain free without any advertising.

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