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Apr 29, 2017

Keeping track of exactly what you eat every day of every week is crucial to maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. Writing down everything which goes into your food is important then, but certainly not pragmatic. There are apps out on the market which allow you to take note of your meals, but these range from asking you every ingredient and weight to being just a small, useless sub-section within a health and fitness monitor. SlimIt simplifies everything for you, and exists for the sole purpose of allowing its users to quickly and easily upload their meals and dietary requirements.

To set SlimIt up, you first need to answer a series of simple questions. The first is how many points you allow yourself daily according to your diet or health programme, and it can be any number which is personal to you. For example, if you grade a Chinese takeaway as 5/5 but porridge as 1, then you add these up accordingly. If you choose 5 as your maximum daily points allowance, then a Chinese takeaway will ruin that in one sitting, so it’s just a case of working out how much or little you’ll let yourself have.

The next few allowances will be of your own choice, and will depend entirely on the diet put in place. If you want to track the amount of dairy eaten, then you fix that as the food group and, again, decide your allowance for it. If it’s something you’re aiming to cut down on, then 1 might be a good maximum. If, however, you’re on a high protein diet, you may want to increase your maximum of that food type so that you ensure you keep up with your needs. All of this can be changed around at any time, so if you decide on cutting something down further, or even give yourself more of an allowance, you can do this easily in settings.

It’s an extremely simple way of being able to keep track of what you’re eating, and making sure you stick to the goals you set yourself.

A calendar acts as the main page, and days can be moved in-between as easily as swiping left or right. Once you’re at the date for which you want to fill in your data, it’s as simple as pressing a big plus at the bottom of the screen, typing a description of the food you’ve eaten, and then scoring it accordingly. When finished, a circle in the middle of the page tells you how close to your maximum daily points allowance you are, to the left and right of this are your specific allowances, and above is your weekly allowance. If you maximise these then SlimIt will let you know, so that you can cater your future meals accordingly.

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It’s an extremely simple way of being able to keep track of what you’re eating, and making sure you stick to the goals you set yourself. SlimIt is perfect for those looking for an attractive and easily manoeuvrable app so that they can monitor their health.

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