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Jan 27, 2012

Juicing has been around for a long time and I keep hearing all my friends saying they are doing juice fasts, how good they feel, how much weight they lost, and I notice they have more energy.


Easiest and most delicious healthy juicing recipes plus the latest inspiring breakthroughs


Juicer, The Juicing App

recipes, pictures, social integration, submit your own recipes and share the juice!


Juice It Up

The Starbucks App for Fresh Juice: order and pay, stop in to pick up your order, no line! (Southern California locations only as of 2012)


100+ Smoothie Recipes Free HD – Search, Blend, Print, and Enjoy Unique and Delicious Smoothies From Apple and Banana, to Strawberry and Chocolate!

100 recipes, bookmark favorites, great artwork to enjoy


Green Smoothies

Nutrition data highlights health facts of everything in your fridge


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