Juggling Lists Made Easy with Jot: The Simple List and Task Manager

Jul 18, 2017

Given the increasingly busy schedule that everybody experiences in a fast-paced society, keeping track of what to do has been complicated with the various tools that are available such as agendas, post-it notes, and multiple digital calendars on mobile phones and desktop computers. Although managing tasks should be theoretically easy, the complexity of these tools make it a chore to keep track of what is to be done and what has already been completed as opposed to being just a simple task. In order to deviate from utilizing a multitude of tools that can be difficult to grasp, Jot is an intuitive app which makes the process of keeping lists and tasks simple.

With the simplicity of a paper and pen which is often used when making lists, the app is one that combines intuitive usage with convenience. For those who often create different lists for different categories of tasks such as separate ones for groceries, work, and managing chores, Jot is able to create distinguished lists for each category. Upon opening the app, the interface is extremely easy to understand and offers the basic needs for managing a series of tasks as opposed to overcomplicating the entire process with social integration and multiple calendars. Beyond this, there are no limits to the number of items that can be added or the number of lists that can be created so that users have unlimited space to store their tasks and lists.

Users of the app can either create lists or manage tasks in a matter of seconds while also being able to set reminders with time and dates. Through the use of these reminders, managing several tasks at once is made significantly easier as users can automatically get notifications regarding what they have to do at what time. Furthermore, these notifications can be set on a recurring basis either daily, weekly, or monthly so that tasks that are done repeatedly do not have to be set every single time.

With the simplicity of a paper and pen which is often used when making lists, the app is one that combines intuitive usage with convenience

Although Jot is simple and easy to understand, this level of simplicity can also be regarded as the weakness as some users may prefer a higher degree of complexity and functionality. For example, as the app mimics pen and paper lists, it fails to integrate other features which may be important to some such as the ability to share lists or integrate into various calendars. Therefore on the spectrum of calendars, Jot is considered to be simple with fewer features while more complicated task managers have a wider array of functions.

Jot v1.1: List Demonstration

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jot-the-simple-list-and-task-manager/id1251750221?mt=8

For those who are seeking an alternative to list apps which are difficult to use and overcomplicated, Jot is a perfect tool which can streamline the management of lists and tasks. Although it is simple in nature, this level of simplicity makes it easy to use and offers the bare essentials when making a series of lists. With the ability to create multiple lists and set reminders for various tasks, Jot is a highly recommended tool for managing several tasks and items.

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