Jimmy Fallon App Parody List

Jun 8, 2010

Jimmy Fallon came out with a list of fake apps that he thought would be cool. Here’s the list of real apps that inspired him and/or are similar to the ones he spoke of.


This app actually allows you to play your iPhone like a didgeridoo.



This app also actually allows you to play your iPhone like a didgeridoo.


Yearbook Yourself

Fallon speaks of this app in his video, so here’s the real thing.


Be Like Lady Gaga

Unlike Fallon’s Bieberfication app, here’s one to Gaga yourself up.


Be Like Lil’ Wayne

Or if you don’t swing the same way Lady Gaga does, here’s a portrait changer for you.


Soothing Sounds Pro

Similar to the app Fallon was talking about, this app plays soothing sounds to put you to sleep…minus Axl Rose.


Annoying Sounds!

This app will not put you to sleep, but wake you up with all of its annoying sounds.


Lil Jon: The Official Soundboard

Similar to the Axl Rose noises in the Fallon video, here’s some possibly just as annoying sound bites.


iSamJackson (Clean)

Another soundboard for the noises you may or may not want, brought to you by SLJ (explicit version available as well).


Plants vs. Zombies

The real app Fallon was parodying in his video of Plants vs Reisers, is this app, and it’s very popular.


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