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Feb 24, 2010

Turns out that the people of the book have become the people of the app…you can carry the Talmud, the Hebrew Bible, and even your Jewish mother in your pocket.

Jewish Days

Never forget a Jewish holiday again (and know how to explain why we light a menorah on Hanukkah or why we eat matzah on Passover)


Jewish Guide

Dating a Jew? You may find this cheat sheet useful – Jewish terms explained in plain English.



To truly be a member of the tribe, you have to at least know a little.


Yiddish Dictionary

Don’t be a klutz or shlemiel – learn the language of Eastern European Jews and you’ll be considered a true mensch.


HebrewBible – כתבי קודש

Read the original Book in Hebrew, Aramaic, or English and listen to the Hebrew version of the chapters.


The Talmud

17 representative tracts from the Talmud translated into English. Let everyone else in line read Mashable or Huffington Post!


Daily Kabbalah

Don’t leave Kabbalah to Madonna – discover the wisdom of Judaism’s mystical tradition on your own.


Jewish Mother

Stop feeling guilty that you’re not calling every day. Or, rather, carry the guilt around with you – you know you do anyway!


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