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Jan 15, 2018

Jet Journal is a combination of a journaling and a recommendation app that seeks to solve all your traveling app needs.

In Jet Journal, you have the ability to contribute to your journal while on the move. Journaling is proven again and again to be incredibly beneficial to mental health, but one of the biggest problems with journaling your thoughts it’s the lack of portability.

For those that frequently travel, having to take your journal can be an ordeal that makes it simply not worth it. With Jet Journal, you can take your journaling with you wherever you go.

With Jet Journal, you can take your journaling with you wherever you go.

Not only does Jet Journal offer you the ability to record your thoughts and idea no matter where you are, it also offers the ability to record recommendations for others.

Jet Journal operates as a sort of social network, functioning somewhat similarly to Yelp or Trip Advisor, allowing you to recommend locations to your friends or random people based on your suggestions.

Through an easy to use UI, you can select whether you want to record a personal idea, or to save a recommendation. Everyone has faced the irritation of walking past a nice looking restaurant in a new city and wanting to remember it, but then being unable to find it later.

Now, with Jet Journal, you can easily add the reminder to visit the location, as well as recording your eventual hopeful recommendation to other people.

The beauty of Jet Journal is the simplicity with which you can add recommendations and journaling. The simple UI is incredibly minimalist, offering just the limited selection of what you need. Alongside this, you have a social media feed to rival Facebook, offering what your friends have suggested.

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There are a lot of other, larger apps that exist out there that seek to provide a method to judge a location before visiting it based on random people’s impressions. The problem with those apps, invariably, is the inherent bias of random people – how can you trust them? Some of the apps are even involved in a variety of scandals based on bullying businesses for money in return for favourable reviews.

With Jet Journal, impressions and reviews are more likely to be people you know, as well as being much more likely to be unbiased or persuaded with money. This is an app for honest journaling and recommending, ensuring the opinions you gain from others can be trusted.

This is an app for honest journaling and recommending, ensuring the opinions you gain from others can be trusted.

With the intangible nature of memory, it is increasingly difficult in this ever-digital world to hold onto information for a long time. That book idea you have, the genius one that would become a bestseller, might have become nothing had you not had Jet Journal available to record your great ideas.

The best ideas are when you’re on the move and, with Jet Journal, you finally have a way to record your innermost thoughts and genius plans.

If you’ve ever thought you’d be a bestselling author / food critic, could you just remember what you thought yesterday? Then Jet Journal is for you.

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Easy to add ideas and journals on the move. Incredibly helpful to be able to remind yourself and recommend other people new things.The loading screen can tend to be slow.
Jet Journal: Discover & Share
Jet Journal: Discover & Share
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