Jason’s Fav Five

Feb 22, 2010

These are my absolute favorite fun apps. They make my day brighter, kill the time, and stretch the mind.

Zing! FREE

I’ve always wanted to have a little keychain of sound effects to carry around with me. Bow chicka bow wow, the sad trombone, or dun dun duuuuunnn! and more… But I’m that kinda guy.


Peggle Classic

I use this every day on my train ride home. It’s a different challenge and relentlessly entertaining.


Favit, by Favstar.fm

While Zing! helps me make others laugh, Favit’s always great for a laugh. The best, funniest tweets on the web are here… and they’re worth the price of admission


Words With Friends Pro

It’s basically Scrabble, but all my friends are on it, and it’s a game that’s both at your leisure and horribly addicting.



Twitter’s entertainment, isn’t it? Tweetie’s the slickest iphone app for Twitter, bar none.


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