Japanese, Chinese, and Say I love you!

Jul 27, 2010

Here are a few language apps that I really fancy. Enjoy!

I Love You in Different Languages

This app is too cute. Say I love you in as many different languages as possible. What could be better? I do wish there was an audio feature, so that I could be sure I was pronouncing the words correctly. I also wish it had the distinction between male and female. Oh, I’m just being picky!


Japanese for Beginners FREE

You can learn some really neat and useful basic phrases with this app. In fact, you don’t even have to commit them to memory. Just pull out your iphone, give it a shake, and random Japanese phrases will come out. Thank you, you’re welcome, goodbye. EE eh means no in Japanese.


Learn Chinese FREE – AccelaStudy®

The best part about this app is the space repetition feature. It gives you the word and then it gives you the Chinese word and then it gives you the CORRECT PRONUNCIATION, so you can hear it and say it correctly. Also, it has an audio quiz. I highly recommend this app if you are trying to learn Chinese. Very impressive!


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