It’s National Chicken Month

Sep 16, 2010

OK, so normally I might pass this “holiday” by but this time I just can’t. Why? Because I have two chickens that would be super upset if I didn’t honor their special month. Chickens RULE! (yeah, they told me to say that!)

Chicken Battle

I have to pick this particular game as my girls have had far too many run ins with things that they shouldn’t have to deal with and the idea that I could give them swords and armor to protect themselves just makes me happy. Command your own army of chicks, just in case you don’t have real chickens to command!


Building a Chicken Coop Made Easy

Yay, an app on building a chicken coop. How cool is that? What’s better is the videos are updated regularly so you’re not stuck with just a few options! Build a coop and then you’ll be really ready for the next apps.



Wow, who knew that McMurray Hatchery had their own app. This one will be something I tell people about at my “Keeping Chickens in the City” class for Seattle Free School. Why? Because there are a ton of breeds out there and this will help the layman know which breeds will work for them. Awesome to see an app like this. Who knew!?!


Garden Plants Database

If you have chickens it would be a shame not to have a garden. In Seattle I was able to grow 9 foot tall tomatoes thanks to my girls and the great things they do for my soil, soil that was previously so dead that you couldn’t find a worm in the top 2 feet of soil. Once you have your chickens you’ll never go back to not having them if you’re a gardener, so celebrate one of the many ways chickens are great by growing a garden in their honor.

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