It’s National Cheese Day

Jan 20, 2012

Yup, if you need a reason to indulge in some delicious cheese this day was made for you. It’s a national holiday so really, you simply must celebrate no?

Cheese Guide Pocket Book

Don’t know what Roquefort is? This app will help you. Not so much finding the farms and shops that make it but really tell you what it is, from the type of milk used (goat, cow, sheep, buffalo or?), a bit about how it’s made, etc. It will tell you if it must be made in a specific region to legally be called that cheese (yup, must be aged in the caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon to be called Roquefort) and other information including a pretty good cross reference for you of flavor (like a blue though way better in my opinion). This is a great app for learning about types of cheeses though don’t stick to it too much, gouda has a definition but if you’ve ever tried multiple types of gouda it can be like having completely different cheeses and indeed the type of cheese has nothing to do with what it will taste like, only the process used to make it and like any good cook will tell you, that can very quite a bit too. If you love cheese this is an app you will want.


Cheese Recipes

Want to cook some cheesy dishes? This app will help you find recipes to go with many types of cheese and has numerous recipes from various cuisines. And it’s FREE!


Wisconsin Cheese Cupid

Perhaps you simply want to eat cheese and drink wine? This app is a good starter app for pairing cheese and wine. If you’re more of a connoisseur this app may be too basic for you.


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