It’s Irish-American Heritage Month!

Feb 27, 2012

March is Irish-American Heritage month so get your heritage on with these apps.


If you’re hoping to find out more about your ancestry this is the app for you. While you’ll have to pay for full capacity the app will get you started without a payment. If you have paid you’ll definitely want this app to be able to access your paid account on the go.


Irish Heraldry

This app will help you find your coat of arms while on the go. Considering you can get this information off the web for free and considering that your info isn’t likely going to change the applications of this app are a bit limited. Might be fun for a heritage meetup group.


Speakin Irish

If you wish to insult your ancestors this is the app to do it. It’s not Gaelic, it’s just Americanized “Irish-speak”.


Speak Gaelic

A bit better this will help you learn Gaelic which will definitely give you more cred.


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