It’s Family History Month!

Oct 13, 2010

October is Family History month so start researching where you’re from and use these apps to help. I doubt these apps will help me find the town my Italian Grandfather came from but they may help me track things down as I get closer.


The most obvious app because it’s from the most well known site, this app allows you to add to your family tree as you work. Since much work may be done in libraries or on the go having this information on your phone is likely to be very helpful.



Pretty much the same thing as but not attached to that website or any website. Everything is stored on your phone which could be good or bad, depending on your style.



Again, similar to the app but this one is connected to the website. Not sure which one is better but this app does allow you to upload photos, videos and a whole lot more so it’s likely worth checking out if you’re not already committed to another ancestry site.


Genealogy – Uncovering Your Ancestry

Just an ebook to help you get started learning about your ancestry. Not likely the best resource out there but for $1 not a major expense either.


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