It’s Business Time

Apr 30, 2010

Being able to keep up on business from your phone is a great boon to a smart device and these apps make things even easier. No longer do you even have to sit down at a computer to do your online business, now you can do it while riding the bus, sitting in a boring meeting or any other place with service. So get to it because it’s business time!

(everyone like to do business with different people so add your favorites in the comments here!)


The first business you need to check out on your phone is that you’re still going to be able to do business on your phone. Use this app to check your minutes, your total texts and pay your bill. Don’t let business time be spoiled by not keeping up to date on your bills.


Chase Mobile℠

To fully conduct business you need to know what you have in your account or if your credit card is maxed out. This app allows you to see that and pay up so you have some credit left for doing business.


State Farm Pocket Agent®

Because sometimes business takes place in a car. No, please don’t check out this app while driving, but if you need to check your coverage, pay your bill or report an accident this is the app for you. If you do business with State Farm you need this app.


Wells Fargo Mobile

Yet again, making sure you have money is a part of doing business. And getting money is too. Find an ATM with this app or check an account.


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