Is It Normal? Find out with this website-driven iPhone app

Apr 28, 2010

Developed in 2004, the website was designed to help its users see just how normal their thoughts, feelings and idiosyncrasies really are. Much like other acronym-based, crowd-sourced sites such as FMyLife and Texts From Last Night, IIN relies on user submissions, comments and votes to comprise its content, and now fans of the site can get their fix through the new Is It Normal? iPhone app.

Upon launch, you can view the newest questions posed to Is It Normal?, or you can browse categories by topic, or read compiled lists of questions such as “best of,” “funny” or “interesting.” Mark your favorite questions using the star for quick access under the favorites tab or generate a random sample of questions via the “random” feature. You can vote on stories without an account, but comments and submissions require a free account.

Is It Normal? functions as a complete mobile version of the website, which is great for constant queries. The ad-free app costs 99 cents, but I think developers would be better off dropping the price to free and adding in advertisements if making money is the goal. However, if you’re constantly wondering if you’re normal or an anomaly, IIN is a worthy investment.

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