iPods in Education: Starter Kit (part 4)

Sep 13, 2010

As an instructional technology coach, I am always looking for apps with educational value. Mobile devices definitely have a place in education and by providing teachers with a wealth of apps early on, hopefully their students will utilize the full potential of these tools. These apps are what I load on our districts iPods carts before they roll into schools. These apps allow students to create their own content, research information, share resources among students, and participate in educational gaming. (Note: This list was designed for use with middle school learners)

SimpleMind+ Intuitive Mind Mapping

Build concept maps….



Build slideshows and narrate it as you flip through the images…



Create virtual storybooks…



Draw your own images… or trace them and tell people that you drew them… I LOVE THIS APP!!!!


Strip Designer

Create comic strips…


Touchcards – Import Free Flashcards

Create a set of flashcards on quizlet.com and have kids review them on their iPods…


Touch Physics

Teach physics concepts or simple machines while kids play the most addictive game ever…


Word Clouder

It’s like having Wordle on your iPod…


World Facts 2016 – Encyclopedia 250+ Countries

The CIA World Factbook in a no internet connection required app…


World Wiki

Basic country information…


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