iPods in Education: Starter Kit (part 3)

Sep 13, 2010

As an instructional technology coach, I am always looking for apps with educational value. Mobile devices definitely have a place in education and by providing teachers with a wealth of apps early on, hopefully their students will utilize the full potential of these tools. These apps are what I load on our districts iPod carts before they roll into schools. These apps allow students to create their own content, research information, share resources among students, and participate in educational gaming. (Note: This list was designed for use with middle school learners)

Google Earth

If you dont know what Google Earth is by now, then dont worry… it wont be able to locate the rock you’ve been living under for the last decade….



Build a storyboard…


iTrade – Stock Market Simulator

Great stock market simulation… Use it to impress your friends too… make it look like you have $100,000 to waste and you actually understand how the stock market works…


Lemonade Stand

Run a lemonade stand for 30 days… great way to introduce or review basic capitalism concepts…


Map Wiz

Review geography… trust me, kids need it…


Mover Lite

Exchange resources between iPods with the flip of a finger and a wireless connection…


Notes Lite

Use it in place of those little dry erase boards you use during quick reviews and games… no more messy boards, no more dirty rags, and no more kids pretending to get high from sniffing the markers…


Paper Bridge

Become an engineer by building a bridge… try not to kill anyone…


Rollercoaster Builder

Introduce or review basic concepts of physics… work, force, motion, etc… in a fun and interactive way…



Kind of like Photo Story for the iPod, but also works with video….


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